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The French Nursery School

Adresse : 64 Pembroke Road, London W8 6NX

From 1 to 5 years old

The  French Nursery   offers an inspiring and joyful environment for each child to develop their emotional, social, intellectual and physical skills. The children who attend our school are fully supported in their learning journey by a team of skilled multilingual teachers.

Our Nursery School provides high standards of education for children, who can enjoy carefully prepared activities, a comprehensive range of recreational facilities and also have access to IT resources.

There are a number of clubs and extra curricular activities the children can partake in .dsc4825.png

The School provides a la carte highly flexible education plans. Parents can choose how many times a week and during which days they would like their child to attend the school on a part time (9am-12.15pm) or full time (9am-4pm) basis.

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