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“This school is a wonderful place for children to go to for the first time. My daughter like it immediately and gets quite upset when she can’t go because of school holidays.”

“A very dynamic, dedicated and caring team who is close to every single child.”

“My daughter loves going to ‘Les Chatons’ as she finds attention and kindness which helps her to socialise and progress in a very secure and homely environment.”

“As parents, we receive personal attention so that we feel part of the team!”

“There is an unmatched level of personal attention to children and a unique ability of teachers to ‘tune in’ to a child’s emotional needs.”

“As a result, Yasmine grew into a happy and confident child. Through constant praise and encouragement and also comfort when needed, the teachers could sensibly make her feel more secure and more independent. IT is a real joy for us now to see her participate in the class’s activities, laugh and make friends. She is thriving and blossoming faster than ever. We know we owe it to the skilfull, tactful and sensible approach of her teachers towards her.”

“The French Nursery has provided an ideal, smooth and high quality start to school for our son”

“All teachers are extremely caring and the school is flexible and understanding of parents’ needs.”

“Though our 2 and a half year old’s native tongue is English, we find him as engaged in the french-speaking activities as french speakers. In fact, he is very eager to practise his new language outside of class!”

“What I like a lot about the ‘French Nursery School’ is its secure, friendly and warm environment.”

“Very friendly atmosphere. Enthusiastic and cheerful staff. Welcoming to even non-French speakers.”

“It has been only 3 months since my little boy began to go to the nursery at “Les Chatons”. The results already amaze me: not only did he develop his skills in French but he also really improved his maths, drawing, etc and especially behaving with other children. He is the 3rd of my children. With the eldest I’ve experienced both French and English nurseries and ‘Les Chatons’ meets the highest standards in teaching I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to the team!”

“Notre experience aux ‘Chatons’ – French Nursery School, avec nos deux fils a ete tres enrichissante. C’est un excellent soutient dans le developpement des enfants, aussi bien academique qu’emotionnel grace aux maitresses : professionnelles, douces et attentives. Mon fils aine aimerait beaucoup y etre encore!”

“Ma fille a beaucoup aime son annee aux Chatons, et parle souvent de son ‘ecole francaise’!”

“L’ambiance y etait tres chaleureuse et joyeuse, les activitees adaptees a chaque enfant… Elle etait tres attachee a ses maitresses et en parle souvent. Une annee heureuse, plein de beaux souvenirs!”

“Que du positif pour cette premiere annee d’ecole, l’experience aux ‘Petits Chatons’ restera longtemps dans la memoire de Simon et ses parents.”

“Notre enfants a ete stimule a tous les niveaux pedagogiques avec un theme par semaine, il s’est epanoui dans un environment bienviellant favorisant sa joie, sa bonne humeur et son envie d’apprendre.”

“L’ouverture et la transparence vis a vis des parents nous a ete precieuse. Merci et longue vie a la French Nursery School!”


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