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Week of the 17th January

Our theme of the week this week is “Christmas”

Books of the week:
“That’s not my Santa” 
“I am Santa Claus”

Songs of the week:

“Vive le Vent”
“L’as Tu Vu” 
“Pére Noël Frappe a la Porte”

We will be making fake snow on Monday to set the Christmas theme using and discovering the texture of a number of different materials.

On Tuesday we will be adding to decoration sets by starting to make our own cardboard Christmas ornaments.

We will be coordinating balls and hoops together in the Christmas tree game as well as improving our colouring skill on Wednesday.

On Thursday we will be painting Christmas trees with squishy bags and starting making our tree cards.

We will decorate our cardboard Christmas ornaments with a number of different festive materials to make them sparkle and glitter on Friday.

We will be enjoying our usual outdoor activities at the park and exploring nature, noticing the changing season.