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Our Story

Les Chatons was set up in 1996. Marie-Laurence was inspired by her much younger sister who she saw grow up learning to speak French, English and Spanish simultaneously. Not only did this allow for well developed communication skills, it was as natural to her younger sister to hop from one language to the other as it was to learn one language at a time.


Marie-Laurence applied this concept to Les Chatons, setting up nursery schools in which children can learn two languages together. With over twenty years of experience, our mission is to provide a joyful and thriving environment for pupils to develop self-esteem and confidence.

We see education as a partnership between teachers, children and parents. Parents and carers may accompany their little ones in school for the duration of the child’s adaptation to separation during class.

Our firm belief is that every child should have every opportunity to develop their talents to the full. We have an unrelenting focus on raising standards in all aspect of the school life. At Les Chatons, children understand that they have a voice which is heard and valued.

Our Nursery Schools in Central London

The French Nursery school and our Spanish classes are all situated in central London at house 24 in Kensington Square W8 5HN.

We offer classes in French & Spanish and welcome children from 1 year old to 5 years old.

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Our mission and commitments:

  • To provide a stimulating and happy learning environment where each child is nurtured and respected, in a setting that will add structure and discipline to their lives.
  • To encourage each child to have an inquisitive and independent mind.
  • To teach a balanced and sound educational curriculum.
  • To enable pupils to excel academically and ensure they are well prepared for the challenges they will face after leaving our school.
  • To encourage pupils to be self-confident, enjoy learning and have the academic stimulus to achieve their full potential.
  • To provide an environment that is caring for the individual.
  • To support each child in expressing themselves using a variety of different mediums in curricular and extra curricular activities. We have a number of different clubs set up to this effect, such as the included and optional musical theater club.
  • To encourage a parental partnership to achieve the best education for children.
  • To have a multi faith ethos where everybody feels welcome.



Our Ethics and Values

 A high standard of early education is the foundation upon which children build the rest of their lives. It is a crucial stage of life in terms of children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Building up their confidence in nursery school can set children off on the right footing for their academic careers.

We uphold a positive ethos in which all children are equally valued, irrespective of ability, disability, gender, cultural or ethnic background. Providing a happy, safe but challenging environment where all the children can discover their strengths, develop their full potential and make friends. Making wonderful memories is of great importance and we have an in-house photographer to build up a set of photos for each child throughout the year. All our schools deliver a wide-ranging curriculum through active learning and first hand experiences following the Early Years Foundation Stage. A broad and balanced curriculum is followed throughout pre-preparatory within a stimulating French, Spanish and English framework following the National Curriculum.

Emphasis is placed in all our schools on creativity and exploration. This is to encourage children’s love for learning as well as developing their independence and individuality. Rewarding children in their feats every step of the way, Les Chatons schools aim to ensure an easy transition to the more formal routine of school life.



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