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The French Nursery School- Les Chatons was set up in 1996. Marie-Laurence Edmonstone was inspired by her much younger sister who she saw grow up learning to speak French, English and Spanish simultaneously. Not only did this allow for well developed communication skills, it was as natural to her younger sister to hop from one language to the other as it was to learn one language at a time.


Marie-Laurence applied this concept to Les Chatons, setting up nursery schools in which children can learn two languages together. With over twenty years of experience, our mission is to provide a joyful and thriving environment for pupils to develop self-esteem and confidence.

We see education as a partnership between teachers, children and parents. Parents and carers may accompany their little ones in school for the duration of the child’s settling in period.

Our firm belief is that every child should have every opportunity to develop their talents to the full. We have an unrelenting focus on raising standards in all aspect of the school life. At Les Chatons, children understand that they have a voice which is heard and valued.