We provide online support to primary students following the National curriculum.

Our set of teachers has been providing curriculum support to primary level students since 2015, helping them achieve their objectives and be accepted into their first choice of prep schools and secondary schools.

Since last year we moved our lessons online and have been exceedingly well surprised by the results.

The success of online lessons has allowed us to continue supporting students throughout the pandemic and have helped them bring their grades up and go up set levels in class.

Focusing on building up confidence, language skills, self autonomy and determination, we have enjoyed exceptional feedback from families as well as schools.

Primary level English tutoring

Online Lessons to provide support in the UK syllabus

Our tutors adapt their teaching methods to each child’s unique form of learning.

We focus on building confidence and self assurance as well fine tuning skills and harnessing the full

potential of each student.

We encourage student to build up self autonomy in their learning method and organisation, allowing them to

become self sufficient in preparing and completing set work as well as assessments.

Please contact us for more details.

Primary level French as a second language tutoring

Online Lessons to provide support in French as a second language in the UK syllabus

Our French tutor is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher who speaks French as a native language and has taught at

primary school in the UK.

Having learned English from primary level they understand the challenges in learning a new language and are

exceptionally adept at presenting complex material in structured and clear ways.

This allows the students to practice as much French as possible, build up confidence with grammar, and show

strong improvements very quickly.

Please contact us for more details.